More deception from RY Deshpande: Changing commas in Savitri

Once again, we find RY Deshpande doing what he knows best: deliberately misrepresenting information –  thereby fabricating and spreading lies and falsehood –  in order to deceive and mislead people. This is evidently done in order to demean others and therefore attempt to prop up his self-declared righteousness.

In one of his latest posts on his Mirror of Tomorrow RYD tries to demean Amal Kiran once again by trying to suggest that he went against The Mother’s directives and made changes in the Savitri against Her will.

RYD does so in his usual sly and crooked style by selectively picking phrases out of their context in order to demean Amal Kiran and create the false impression that Amal Kiran was not only wrong, but that he even went against The Mother’s wishes, betraying the trust She laid on him. He even goes one step further to suggest that Amal Kiran (and Nirodbaran) had some dark, fork-tongued, reptilian associations.

Here’s a sample of some of RYD’s statements that are evidently meant to disparage and digrace Amal Kiran:

“These … make Amal Kiran’s editing of the 1954 edition somewhat untrustworthy.”

“The Mother was categorical, that she would not allow Amal Kiran to change even a comma in Savitri. But he did change.”

“Did the Mother “approve” these changes? … Certainly, this did not happen. “

“She [The Mother] had kind of left it to Amal Kiran … that a ‘better sense’ would prevail upon him.”

“After all, it was Amal Kiran who had gone to the Mother with a list of proposed ‘corrections’; it is not that she had asked him if Savitri needed to be ‘corrected’ anywhere… … the weird, the amusing part of it is, Amal Kiran did change them again later, in the Centenary Edition and the Revised Edition which had his “approval”.”

“…[The] Mother was critical of Amal Kiran and she did say so on a couple of occasions later also. But, perhaps, everything about the Mother’s unhappiness in the matter gets summed in this: “Just then a black lizard came and stood at Nirod’s feet and looked up at him. The Mother saw it and said: ‘it seems to have a fascination for your feet. Why? Could it be symbolic?’ ”

It is hard to beat RYD’s blatant slyness and crookedness.  Because it is more than evident that RYD has misused Amal Kiran’s sincerity and humility by usurping his own words, twisting them and using them against him.

If RYD has any intellectual integrity and sincerity – leave alone any moral integrity or sincerity, because he clearly has none – he should make up his mind once and for all and decide whether Amal Kiran’s words mean anything to him at all.

Because if Amal Kiran’s words mean something to RYD – as every now and then he keeps on quoting some of his words, but selectively picked out and rearranged to suit his convenience – then he just CAN’T pick and choose the words that suit him and ignore all the rest that Amal Kiran has stated, especially those that contradict RYD’s assertions and insinuations. For RYD very conveniently chooses to ignore the following which he undoubtedly is fully aware of:


An interview with Amal Kiran on 8 June 1999

According to your book Our Light and Delight, the Mother once told you, “I won’t allow you to change even a comma in Savitri.” Is this true?

AMAL: Yes, but she meant I could not change anything according to my own ideas. After that I made it clear to her that corrections would be only according to Sri Aurobindo’s latest version. Some words had been misread and I had suggested what might be the right reading. But we would not dare to change anything on our own. I told her this. And Mother quite understood the situation. “That’s a different matter,” she said. So she approved of my making my suggestions, and many of them were found to be correct when the manuscripts were checked.

Have you written about this anywhere?

AMAL: Part of it is there in Our Light and Delight. To anyone who reads it carefully, the Mother’s attitude towards the correction of copying mistakes and such things should be clear enough.  But most of the conversation recorded there [Our Light and Delight, pp. 23 – 25] is not about such corrections at all. It is about a statement I wanted to include in the Publisher’s Note. I wanted to say that certain passages in Parts II and III had not received Sri Aurobindo’s final revision. The Mother’s strong reaction to this has been quoted as if it showed that she was against correcting copying mistakes or typographical errors in Savitri. But she never objected to corrections of that kind.

Naturally she wanted Sri Aurobindo’s own words to be printed in Savitri, not a version with words accidentally substituted by others.

Later, The Mother even accepted the substance of what I had wanted to write in the Publisher’s Note. She agreed to have it included in the Note before the letters at the end of the 1954 edition. It was only something in my attitude that had provoked her reaction. This was her way of working. It brought about a great change in me.


Lastly, RYD cannot ignore one of Amal Kiran’s most unambiguous statement on the issue of Savitri unless of course he deliberately wishes to misrepresent information (which we now know he does):

Here’s a significant passage and extract from Amal Kiran’s Light and Delight (Bold, Underlines added):

I have related elsewhere some other incidents connected with my editorial work on Savitri. I may here mention the grand finale, as it were. After the last pages had been printed, the Mother calmly announced to me: “The Press is very displeased with you.” I answered: “I know it, Mother, and I am sorry I have troubled the Press. But are you displeased with my work?” She gave a faint smile and said: “No.”

With the display of such shamefull behavior, RYD only further establishes his shamelessness. How much lower will RYD stoop in desperate attempts to promote himself, his purely personal and limited views and his self-declared righteousness?

Editors, MoDAT

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